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#AlexaGRR Hackathon

Presented by #HacksterLive & #AmazonAlexa

Oct 1 at 9:00 AM at Davenport University

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Thanks for coming!

Alexa is the speech and personal assistant technology behind Amazon Echo. Today you can use Alexa to listen to music, play games, check traffic and weather, control your household devices, and lots more. Alexa offers a full-featured set of APIs and SDKs that you can use to teach her new skills and add her into devices and applications of your own.

Memo Doring, Alexa Developer Evangelist at Amazon, will be teaching Alexa Skill Building 101. In this talk, intended for software and hardware developers interested in voice control, home automation, and personal assistant technology, we will walk through the development of a new Alexa skill and incorporate it into a consumer-facing device.


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You will be writing code.

6 Hours

All-day intense learning.



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